IT kit for over 250 leisure centres

Case Study

20 September 2017

Field support team leader, GLL

Nathan was a part-time lifeguard at GLL while studying sports development, and took a two-month temporary job in the organisation’s IT department. They called him back a year later for a full-time position.

What do you do in your job?

I look after more than 300 sites – leisure centres, local council partnerships, offices – all the way from Belfast down to Cornwall. I make sure that the IT hardware is working for the staff to do their jobs. I manage a team of six, who are based at various locations to support the sites.


What skills do you need?

Management skills, customer service, being a team player, project skills, common sense, leadership, planning, I could go on… I also have done the ITIL business and CompTIA A+ IT qualifications through work, which help in my day to day job.

Tell us about your company?

GLL exists to make community services and spaces better for everyone, providing access to quality community and leisure facilities – and more – at an affordable price. We manage 258 public sport and leisure centres, 101 libraries in partnership with local councils, public agencies and sporting organisations. We are the first leisure operator in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Social Enterprise Mark and the Big Society Award.


What is the most unusual thing you have bought?

A drill. I install computers, so it seemed rather a strange item for my category. But it was needed to install a Wi-fi access point, which had to be secured to a wall.


What is the worst thing you have bought?

Actually, it was Apple devices, which we found were locked down so much we were not able to adjust them for what we needed for the business.

What’s an average day like?
Great questions, but I never have an average day.
My job is really varied, though I am often on the road
and visiting new sites.

What are the salary and career prospects in this job?

To be honest, it’s down to you on how you would like to progress. GLL has so many opportunities, and you just find the job that suits you.


Where next for you?

I’d like to go into project management.

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